Frequently Asked Questions

Human Capital Development Loans is an innovative loan program that is intended SOLEY to provide training to Ndi- Enugu on technical and non-technical capacities in partnership with private sector firms called “anchors”. The Agency in partnership with the anchors will then provide access to jobs (full time, part time, contract, entrepreneurship etc.). The funds are then repaid through the salaries/ fees of these participants usually over the course of 6-18 months (depending on the size of the loan)


The e-YES program will provide participants with training in high-income digital skills such as digital marketing, Internet Promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google My Business, Digital Strategy and Mobile Advertising etc. In addition, participants will also acquire internationally recognized certifications from Google, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, participants will also undergo soft skills training that will empower them to be competitive globally.

The actual cost of the training is N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only) but the program has subsidized the rate to N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only) only. Hence Enugu SME Center would be providing HCDL of N50,000 to the successful participants under the e-YES program to be repaid in 8-10months (no interest). Remember, the approved loan will pay for this class and we would work with you to facilitate repayment over 8-10months for the e-YES Program. Also remember we would facilitate access to these jobs for successful applicants. 

The successful applicant would be mandated to bring the following:

▪ Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and Three(3) passport photograph

▪ Guarantor from the following areas: o Private Sector Individual- Businessman/Businesswoman, entrepreneur, private sector employee

  •   Public Servant (Federal Government MDA, State Government from Executive Assistant-Honorable Commissioner)- retired within two (2) years also acceptable.       
  •  Civil Servant from Level 6-Permanent Secretary- retired within two (2) years also acceptable.

▪ Requirements of the Guarantor:

  •       Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and two(2) passport photographs.
  •        Undated Cheque from CBN recognized Commercial Bank or Microfinance Bank- Kindly note that the Microfinance Bank’s cheque MUST be able “go for clearing” and payable over the counter of other banks. Kindly note that NOT ALL microfinance bank’s cheque can clear over the counter. If you are going to use a Microfinance Bank kindly inquire if it can “go for clearing”.
  •       Physical appearance for signing is a MUST. We also understand that they might have busy schedules hence why we would appreciate you contact us 24hrs before you come to ensure everything is seamless.
  •       Guarantor can be from anywhere in Nigeria (within or outside Enugu) but must make himself/herself available for sighting.

If this is the case, you can pay upfront and the e-YES would accept payment. Come to the office to receive the account number to pay into. You can also guarantee yourself and provide the Undated Cheque from a CBN recognized Commercial Bank or Microfinance Bank. You can come with a 1-3 months bank account statement

If you have successfully passed the rigorous selection phase and are chosen for the first cohort and you drop out of the program, it would have been determined you have DEFAULTED on the e- YES HCDL and the default terms would kick in as detailed in the Offer Letter, which would include calling on the collateral (the cheque of the guarantor/or applicant). If you paid for the e-YES Program upfront, it shall not be refunded.

This is the only way for Financial Institutions to legally recover their monies in the event of a default. This must be represented physically and cannot be scanned as it isn’t valid. If scanned.

The guarantor would be expected to cosign with the successful e-YES Applicant and is also expected to be physically sighted by the Agency to prevent any case false claims, forgery of documentation and signature etc.

We are extending the documentation signing period to Friday, 21st August 2020. Kindly notify the Enugu SME Center 24-hrs before coming to the Agency (with guarantor if using guarantor) to ensure your documents are prepared ahead of time. Based on this we shall communicate the new date for the commencement of the training.

No!!! It is a personal guarantee not a joint guarantee.

No!!! It is a personal guarantee not a joint guarantee.

If sending your 24hrs notification by email, send to info@enugusme.ng. Ensure you write your name and “E-YES Applicant” as the subject heading of the email. You can call or text us (indicating your name and that you’re an e-YES applicant) on 09042439495, 08089344768 or 08084998224) Address: No. 2, Market Garden Avenue, Opposite Ebeano Tunnel, GRA, Enugu

“e-YES” stands for Enugu State Youth Empowerment Scheme, and it is an initiative by the Enugu SME Centre to reduce unemployment using innovation and technology that are applicable to the global workforce.

 e-YES is open to all youths of Enugu state between the ages of 20 and 35  years. Applicants MUST BE:

Passionate about digital marketing and technology

Interested in any of the following: Web Design, Internet Promotion, SMS Marketing, SEO, PPC, Analytics, App Development/Marketing, Design, Internet Business, Adwords, Adsense, WordPress etc.

Entrepreneurial in nature, self driven, self motivated and aspirational.

NO it is not free. Enugu SME Centre is providing a loan facility that grants you access to the training on the condition that you repay the cost of the training within 10 months after completion. Refer to the criteria for the loan facility here

The Enugu SME Centre is the sponsor and driver of this programme. 

All applications for e-YES should be done via the online portal here https://www.e-yes.en.gov.ng/

This will be communicated later

Once the deadline has elapsed, applications will no longer be accepted.

The e-YES portal at https://www.e-yes.en.gov.ng/register/ run by the Enugu SME Centre. Any organization claiming to be an agent is not affiliated with us. 

NYSC certificate
Degree certificate
LGA certificate
Below are the requirements you must be able to provide to access the Enugu Human Capital Development Loan Facility:
1. Beneficiary to provide the following:

i). A copy of an acceptable means of identification: Driver’s License, National Voters Card, Official Passport or any other nationally recognized means of identification.

ii). 2 passport photographs of the beneficiary

iii). Letter of upfront interest payment

iv). Receipt of/or Transfer instruction from beneficiaries for interest repayment

v). 2 copies of duly executed letter signed by

vi). Beneficiary to provide a guarantor who works in any of the following sectors: Civil Service, Public Service or Private Sector.

2. Guarantor to provide the following:

i). 2 passport photographs

ii). A letter of upfront interest payment

iii). Post Dated cheques from any deposit money bank in Nigeria to cover guaranteed sum

iv). Authorization letter on lien on BVN and direct debit instruction

v). Letter of confirmation of appointment of guarantor

vi). Receipt of duly notarised Irrevocable Domiciliation letter of Guarantor addressed to place of assignment for deduction of salaries etc upon default also contain this writeup

All trainers are certified by the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland; a globally recognised body. All trainers are a team of industry-leading experts in their fields with years of experience running digital marketing campaigns and training. 

The training will be in batches and over a period of time. After a series of assessments and screening, the first batch of participants will be identified.

This would be communicated soon due to the current pandemic in the country. You must come along with your laptop and writing materials. 

The training period will be for a total of 7 weeks, and will cover all areas of digital marketing including Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and more. 

After the 7 weeks training period, all trainees will be provided jobs; thus allowing them earn a living and sharpen their skills gained during the training. 

Yes, applicants should be fully willing to relocate for the training and more importantly for job placement after the training. 

Visit the e-YES portal at www.e-yes.en.gov.ng, the Enugu SME Centre at www.enugusme.ng